Dinner at the Seroonian Armenian Community Center Sponsored by the Philadelphia ARF – January 24th

Come to the Seroonian Armenian Community Center for dinner on Friday January 24th.  Dinner is sponsored by the Philadelphia ARF.  Food will include chicken with mushroom sauce, broccoli and green beans and pilav with salad and dessert.  Dinner will be served at 7:30pm.



Also after dinner Tereza Yerimyan, Government Affairs Director at the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) will talk about the Legislative Strategy, Grassroots Energy and the Bipartisan Victory of the Armenian Genocide Resolution, H.Res.296, and S. Res.150 in the U.S. House of Representatives on October 29, 2019, and the U.S. Senate on December 12, 2019. She’ll also discuss the broader ANCA 360 agenda on strengthening U.S.-Armenia relations and defending Artsakh freedom. Also, Sipan Ohanessian, program director at the ANCA will discuss a wide range of ANCA youth empowerment and career programs.


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