Shish Kebab Night with special online guest speaker, Unger Jirayr Beugekian Sponsored by the Philadelphia ARF

Come to the Agoump for our monthly Shish Kebab night.  Dinner is sponsored by Philadelphia ARF Gomideh.  Dinner will be served at 7:30pm.

There will also be a special online guest speaker via the Internet with Unger Jirayr Beugekian, the Executive Director of the Armenian Relief Society.  This will be our second online lecture live from Boston.

Unger Jirayr will present the question, what can we do to assist the Armenians of Javakhk to stay in their ancestral lands?  Javakhk is  one of the poorest areas of the historic Armenian homeland.  With extremely difficult living conditions are a result of economic hardships faced by Georgia and also caused by a deliberate effort by the Georgian authorities for political ends, we are witnessing a repeat of the Nakhichevan process, which was emptied of its Armenian population.


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