Hampartsoum and Dinner at Seroonian Armenian Community Center – May 14, 2010

Come to the Seroonian Armenian Community Center for dinner and to support the Philadelphia Homenetmen.  Proceeds from the dinner will serve as a fundraiser for athletes participating at July 4th games.  The dinner served will include various Armenian dishes including chicken kebab, sarma, tabouli, cheese macaron and dessert.

We will also be celebrating Hampartsoum, when Jesus appeared to his disciples one last time 40 days after his resurrection.

Old Armenian traditions would celebrate Hampartsoum in a more joyful way, where girls would collect flowers, which would be put in a bucket full of water, along with a small personal item from each girl. The girls would then sit around the bucket and sing the “Yar Gulé”. With each stanza of the song one object would be taken from the bucket and the owner of that item would know her fortune, happy or sad. The opera “Anoush” is based on this theme.

It is believed that this celebration of the beauty of spring, and the joyful freedom of the female, stems from Armenia’s pagan past and is adopted into our Christian tradition.

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